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Sunday, October 07, 2007

rabid over rugby

thanks to alvin-bebbie, i am now a fan of rugby.

i feel that it's loads better than football coz these are REAL MEN fighting for the ball, and not like those pansies in football who keel after a slight touch to the leg nor do they fall to pieces once they crash into someone etc.

in rugby, these men bleed ok. and continue play until the medic is able to run onto the field, tape up their cut...

and then they just wash their faces and play on. *impressed*


ahahaha adrean just came in and said. 'it's so weird to watch football right after rugby... it's like i keep wondering why there's no contact; seems like everything is suddenly so soft and mellow hahaha!'

me: yar lor, and like how come everyone's kicking it forward instead of picking the ball up and passing it backwards right??? hahahaha!!"

adrean's beginning to get excited over rugby too. heehee. too bad rugby world cup is only once every 4 years. :(


so alvin and i have been rushing back to his place straight after hiphop to catch the 7pm/9pm/11pm matches, but now we've finally entered the quarterfinals!!

this is alvin watching rugby from 2 weeks ago:

... and i am so stoked coz of the 2 great matches that kicked off the quarterfinals - Australia vs England, New Zealand vs France.

yeah it's australia and NZ all blacks lor. they're the 2 greats leh!!!!...


i couldn't believe it. i felt really very sad for the all blacks, especially for doug howlett coz it's very likely it's his last season... but he is SO SO good on the field man. *shakes head* damn zai.

and then they didn't even make it to the semis. and doug howlett was not playing!! :(

both matches kept me at the edge of my seat, with alvin and i getting over-agitated a few times coz we were so tense over the australian match. england really outperformed themselves man, according to alvin. and the match was akin to a deathmatch... there was so much BLOOD.

but the thing about rugby is that the time actually stops when there's injury, so u really end up playing the full 80min... and no matter how rough things are, no one breaks a bone! they fight for the ball, and not to maim, so it's pretty controlled... except during the aussy-english match.

super fierce man. and they brawled more than once, with unnecessary attacks.

I LOVE RUGBY!! it's a great game.

tonight: south africa vs fiji!! FWOARRRR


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