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Friday, October 19, 2007

microbiology welcome tea 2007


it all started when dr tan was nominated (arrowed) to be part of the planning committee. then they decided, ok, this year's theme was to be 'superheroes and supervillians'.

alright then, no problem. all each lab had to do was to dress their PIs (principal investigator: the scientist in charge of an experiment or research project) to fit into the said theme.

we thought about it, threw around some crazy ideas which made us laugh a lot... and decided on either 1. one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or 2. Mojo Jojo.

dr tan picked #2. alrighty then... so who's gonna be doing what?

you see, since the welcome tea last year was done by yours truly and alvin, hon, angeline, and hanbin, we all thought that, hey, this year we can relax and let the new honours students take over!

who knew... we did such a great job last year, we all kena arrowed again. all except angeline since she's escaped to MOE.


3 weeks ago, the red letter was sent: Hon and Hanbin were the ICs for decorating the lobby and corridor of level 3 (where the tea was to be held), while me and Chuu were the ICs for the costume.

alvin was supposed to handle some presentation thing, but eventually ended up as the MC of the costume parade. but it's his kinda thing la, and he had to introduce comic characters so it's really... easy for him.

ANYWAY! because of experiments and warehouse sales (long story), hon and binbin only started on monday, while me and chuu bought some stuff on sat, then on mon, and so we all really started only on tuesday.

on our part, at first we thought that as the ICs, we could delegate duties right? and dr tan preferred an entourage of the Powerpuff Girls so well, we had 3 honours girls... it all works out!!

then we realized quite belatedly that they all had lectures on that day.

so me and chuu ling became the powerpuffs... plus a very reluctant zhang xian. ('please!! make me up so i don't look like myself!!' *plead*)

we had to do so much sewing for the costume it wasn't funny. chuu ling did all the sewing coz ah... i can't sew.

and then when i tried to help chuu, she sliced my finger just moments after we were marvelling at how sharp my mom's scissors were.

oh, happy day.

my finger couldn't stop bleeding, alvin shouted a huge, 'SHIT!!' before turning into this really professional (and very gentle) medic... have i mentioned that almost all the guys in my lab are medics?

yeah so everyone knew what to do... except me and chuuling. we both went into minor shock.

me in shock: i tend to keep talking so i kept trying to reassure chuu while eye-balling the copious amounts of blood being spilled.

chuu in shock: :O

i had to lead the way to the toilet hahahahahaha. she lost it man, as did i.

danggit. last year i split my toe... and this year my finger?? is this gonna be some morbid annual occurrence?? GAH.

so everything was over in 15 minutes, because the lab moved damn fast la, with alvin grabbing the toilet key, hon and binbin opening the first aid kit, then a long wash with 2 girls in shock, marvelling at how the blood just never stops flowing... *hypnotized* then alvin pressing on my wound, then squirting it with saline and then plastering it.

i still remember binbin squirting the leftover saline over the railing of level 5. haha.

only much later, alvin mentioned that i might have cut a vein. i was freaking out and going, 'WHAT??!?!' but he said he didn't tell me because it was 'patient management'. wow, thanks man.

the good thing that came out of this whole episode? we took the left over gauze to wrap around Mojo's turban hat thing. yay!

ok check it man, this is what dr tan's outfit is made of. pretty much all handmade k! and we are darn proud of it -

one ramen bowl and vanguard, plus duct tape, one layer of white linen, one layer of sterile gauze, and one layer of stocking with its end cut off to prevent it from looking like a condom (although it does create more Mojo). has aluminium foil base and purple velvet ovals to bling it up.

purple cape:
cloth bought from chinatown, painstakingly hemmed in and sewn, plus fitting a cord through using a hairclip because chuu forgot she had a safety pin stuck on her blouse. d'oh!!

blue top:
cloth bought from chinatown, painstakingly hemmed in and sewn, plus bits of blood and did a bit of maths to find out the radius of the hole we should cut to allow the head to poke through. made shoulder pads out of vanguard too.

white belt:
cloth bought from chinatown, painstakingly hemmed in and sewn with black thread first, then redone in white thread. plus purple velvet 'clasp'.

hairy arms:
these were the WORST because they had to be handsewn. we made black sleeves first, then attached the hair to the sleeves and poor chuu got pricked by the tacks i put in for her. every 5 min she'd go 'AHHH!! boo hoo...'. it seemed like slave labour at times. *shakes head*

blossom's pink bow:
i used my own thick harband and sacrificed it to stick pink satin all over it, then stuck a vanguard bow (also covered with satin pink) onto it. i don't care, i am keeping this. IT'S MINE.

see, after all this work, on thursday itself we still had to sew in buttons for the powerpuff black belts and into dr tan's shirt too!! and his shirt's from banana republic. -_-"'

fyi, in case u had no idea, the shirt's not exactly cheap. we were quite stressed.

on the guys side, they worked really fast: within half a day, they pretty much had the batmobile in shape and it was AWESOME. it's really a cardboard chick magnet man... it was so irresistable i kept taking photos with it.

and then they also made stalactites and stalagmites for the Batcave (yep, that's the name of our decor) and had a projector project the Bat Signal onto the walls of our 'Batcave'... and they also hung bats on the corridor such that they looked like they were flying out of the cave!!

wah, damn cool la.



ok i cannot take it anymore. this is part one. part two will continue after my leader's retreat.

immense fatigue has pwned me. zzz.

oh yes, and photos are already on my Facebook. check it outtttttt!


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