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Friday, October 05, 2007

still blown away

apparently, alvin bought a new pair of earphones from them la... but he got his biflanges free! and my earphones free!!

did u know that my earphones cost $40??!?! wah liao!!!

and it's FREE!!!

a: hmm? what's that?

store keeper: earphones la... free one, u can give your girlfriend la!

he's so nice, so please go and buy earphones from them at:

Jaben (store's name)
1 Coleman Street
04-16 The Adelphi

Tel: 63370809

they will even give u tips on how to improve your earphone sound and how to wear them snugly to enjoy your music!


(5 min later)

IT FITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT; it's so snug!!!

i feel like the prince in cinderella. cinderella - earbuds. glass shoes - ...


OH MY!!!!!

uh-oh... i am going to turn into an audiophile soon too... new... standards... have... been... set...



a: ahahaha, and these aren't even good inner earphones!

v: but i don't care, IT'S DAMN GOOD! *eyes slide out of focus*


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