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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

alvin is so SMART.

we'd just finished retrieving our results for an experiment and i was ready to go home. it was already 9:30pm.

that's when i noticed that alvin kept staring at his logbook, figuring out his calculations and what not.

he sprang from his chair and left the room.

i was like, 'eh what the heck, aren't we going home already?'. expecting him to return, i sat where i was.


and waiting...

then i got fed up and went out after him. i found him in one of the lab rooms, wearing his lab coat and frown.

i thought maybe something had gone terribly wrong with his experiment calculations and it was something he needed to rectify immediately, so i was on tiptoes in case i rubbed him the wrong way (coz he gets extremely frustrated over chemical formula, stoichiometry, CALCULATIONS IN GENERAL...)


aside for abit, wah lau his calculations are atrocious. when we started out he couldn't convert from mole from micromole to nanomole. and then i found out when he does chemical calculations -

me: 3 lines

his: half a page that looks like he's trying to prove the equation.

at that point i thought:


thank goodness we've already graduated.


so i sat down and asked him tentatively what he was doing.

alvin: 'i need to make new drug.'

'want me to check your calculations?'


so i sat down, did everything for him...

then i got curious and asked, 'er, why u must do now ah?'

'tomorrow no time what!'

alvin was beginning to sound irate already, so i backed off.

until i slowly worked out that there should be enough time tomorrow what! we have the entire day to constitute our drug and he doesn't even have to rush off from work!

so i went back again and asked, 'eh... so why tomorrow no time ah?'

a: what time u starting the experiment?

v: huh?? wha...? day after tomorrow???

at that point i knew: he thought we were doing the experiment tomorrow!!!!!!

wah lau!! in the end we left at 1030pm (and i got home at 12 plus -_-) with mr alvin looking really sheepish.

nice work man. but i still love u la.

it's just that you're damn kok sometimes. sigh.


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