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Monday, October 01, 2007

my salsa, salsa, salsa, salsa... my salsa!

on the way to meet xinwei (it's her birthday celebration!) and angel:

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everyone in the car pool to town... SMILE!!

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everyone at waraku having fantastic wafuu pasta... SMILE!!! or drool at the fake food at the window display, if u will.


after all the fabulous food, we headed down to Xenbar for free salsa lessons.

angel: oh, my friend said we can always go down and check it out; first lesson is free for trial!

then when we reached there...

angel's friend sorem: ah... i forgot to mention... this is the intermediate class.

---> insert: major panic from all 4 of us

but it was okay eventually, coz i think the instructor went slow to accommodate us... and besides, sorem taught us some of the basics before the lesson started.

alvin, however, had a really stressful time.

you see, in salsa (and any other ballroom/social dance setting), the guys lead. and alvin, being plunged into the intermediate class, had no basics whatsoever... and he perspires like there's no tomorrow... it was really tough on him.

so by the end of the class he was totally soaked in his own perspiration. he was standing near the fan at first, but they turned it off after one of his partner's skirt almost billowed over her head.

ah yes, we swop partners as we dance; the guys stand still, and the girls move to the guy on their right.

eh hey... the RIGHT guy, hurhurhur...

ok, bad joke.

anyways, we got through it, and at the end of the lesson, one of the men asked me for a dance!! *gasp*

that's when i realized... salsa is not very difficult. he taught me a few new moves, and after awhile i got the hang of it and was spinning/swinging in and out while laughing and tapping my feet.

i probably wouldn't mind learning salsa if it wasn't so expensive. :(


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