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Friday, June 20, 2008

Diving Part I

so... i went for my pool session yesterday.

nothing much...


man, i totally understand why some people have a fear of diving. i can relate to that!

i wasn't used to the regulator (breathing apparatus) and started shuddering uncontrollably and trembling once i stood up. i kept babbling, 'i can't i can't i can't... i don't think i can do it...'

the instructor kept flicking water into my face to clear my senses.

it was scary... i felt like i was going into shock, like that time when i sliced my toe. he made me take long, deep breaths on my regulator, which sounded like one part darth vader, the other part whoopee cushion.


i didn't really get over my fear... i just told myself, 'ok, don't go crazy. finish the pool session and quit if u have to. the $490 u paid is nothing if you're still afraid.'

with a last shudder, i sank to my knees and breathed into my regulator. we started doing our exercises like regulator replacement (omg my lifeline!!! GAH GAH), standard operating procedure for out of air situations, then how to defog/clear out water from your mask.

the mask bit was so fun!! i'd flood my mask, then close my eyes, tilt my head back and blow out into the mask using my nose, open my eyes... VOILA!!

'i can see clearly now... the rain is gone...' *jiggies*

yeah so eventually everything went well, practicing my buoyancy and wearing my BCD in the water...

all thanks to dear dear DEAR alvin bebbie. he was so encouraging and patient while i hyperventilated. he looked worried, but was all reassuring, telling me i did fine in all my exercises... which was true! i felt SO MUCH BETTER after that.

couldn't sleep last night coz some of the fear remained in me. eeks.


i am so glad i took the day off today. i love it when everything slows down... waking up at my own time (8am. d'oh!), taking my own sweet time to do my household chores, strolling back from east point while licking my soya bean ice-cream (it's like the best thing ever. yum yum!)...


yeah so i went to see my GP and he's so cool man! i told him i was going diving and being a diver himself he knew exactly what to check and what to advice (non-medically). while checking my eardrums he talked about snorkelling in the Maldives, then i was telling him about my pool session but he really calmed me down when he spoke of the beautiful marine life; basically you'll be too distracted to care about your regulator.

heh heh. he's cool.

yay i've got my anti-mosquito oil, and my anti motion sickness tablets - I AM ALL SET!!!



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