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Sunday, September 21, 2008

online shopping is good.

after going broke for the past month, i decided to stop online shopping because it was really the one thing that was running my wallet dry.

as i was chatting with jade and complaining how EVIL online shopping was, i apologized for getting her into the whole online shopping madness (we're BOTH broke) but this sweet, sweet girl... you know what she said?

(this is a paraphrase, my msn conversations are in my work computer)

'why? i LIKE online shopping! i am now able to get items that're unique and not available here... don't apologise! i happily jumped on this wagon!'


also, i'd just raved to mel about how online shopping can meet her needs coz as an ex-stewardess she prefers items that're from overseas... which she can't get anymore. her logic: when you buy something in singapore, you look around and someone else is carrying the same thing. eeyur.

(that's the case with my poor charles and keith bag. what a pity, i do love that bag so.)

through this few months, i do realise that a lot of girls will benefit from online shopping.

things are cheaper in taiwan, clothes are more chiffon-y and girly in korea/japan/hong kong, you get items that're branded (like f21) but so much cheaper when you buy direct from US, you no longer have to fly to US to get victoria's secrets and coach, you can buy supre without heading downunder ETC ETC ETC.

you can even get obscure brands that aren't available in singapore.

so here're all my 'secret manual' shopping sites:

1. (this one has tons of bangkok sprees)




there are, i think, two more new ones but really, having rss feeds of these 4 sites are enough to keep me occupied for two hours per day.

but please take note:

1. don't become one freak of an addict like me. it will happen. reign yourself in though there're so many things that're cheap and good. pace yourself!!

2. taiwan items can be hit or miss (in terms of quality and cutting) and things are usually free size and in mandarin. it is cheap, but maybe buy one item before you get like 5 tops at a go. (like me.)

3. these are sprees: go for those that link you to buy directly from the website. those that have ready in-stocks are normally 50% more expensive. or just do a price comparison. be a smart consumer! do some research before you grab!

4. bangkok clothes are dirt cheap in bangkok. they are not cheap when they're modeled on someone in singapore. i tend not to buy those anymore because more often than not, the cutting is damn weird. or damn short. or transparent. it just doesn't look as good as the modeled picture. ack.

5. check your measurements carefully; check the pictures of the clothes carefully.

6. the exchange rates are currently different across the 4 spree sites. some may offer a lower exchange rate.

7. these are livejournal blogs, and to make life easier for yourself as an online shopper, you really should register with livejournal and create an account. some spree sites require you to add them as a friend.

8. get internet banking up and running. get the widget thingie so you don't have to run all over the place to transfer money.

9. go get yourself some:
-forever21 (YAY!)
-old navy (YAY!)
-american eagles
-OPI nail polish (YAY!)
-drugstore (burt's bees, YAY!)
-ralph lauren
-bath and body works (YAY!)
-mineral makeup (everyday minerals, silk naturals - latter is highly recommended)
-charlotte russe
-havaianas (not sure if they're much cheaper than sg though. not really my thong, erm, i mean, thing.)
-david and goliath (YAY!)
-urban outfitters (YAY!)
-la senza

10. it's really easy. the first time you buy something it'd be long and tedious but once you get the hang of it you'd be buying something every other day. BUT YOU KNOW YOU SHOULDN'T; IT WAS MERELY AN EXPRESSION.

of course there're tons more, but some i don't really care for. well, if i think of anymore tips i'll add on.

happy spree-ing. :)


definition of spree:

an organization of many shoppers purchasing from a website, in order to save on postage costs.


  • At Monday, September 22, 2008 7:12:00 AM, Blogger Jade said…

    ahahahah *HUGS!* hahaha!!! i like this bandwagon heheh!

    eh! i didn't know you like supre! its really cheap here so i will bring back for you ok? :D just gimme a list of watuwan :D

  • At Monday, September 22, 2008 10:26:00 PM, Anonymous jojo; said…

    you are SO EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now i want drugstore stufff!!!!! last time i bought this cargo blusher, omg it's going to last me my whole life hahaha


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