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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Friday, November 28, 2008

coffee addict

recently the brand of coffee that my family drinks changed its formulation... to GROSS SUGAR WATER.

it sucks so bad, it doesn't even taste like coffee anymore. but i told myself, NAH, i'm not dependent on the caffeine! i'm still doing my work fine!

until today.

after the rehearsal i was pooped. waking up this morning almost killed my eyes, and i was walking around like a lifeless doll with squinty eyes. after lunch it was even worse; my eyes were hurting SO BADLY and i started to develop a headache.

then alvin walked in (also suffering from wedding planning effects) with hot coffee.

that just un-did me. i turned around to ask for some... but he'd finished everything in a gulp. :(

then i realized we had coffee (nescafe too!! strong strong strong... maybe 2 packets in one cup @_@!! awesome stuff!!) in the pantry! i mustered up all my energy to stand up, reach for my cup and fumbled for my stirrer, and made my way towards the pantry/heaven.




with as much of a maniacal glint my squinty tired eyes could hold, i started to rip open all the cupboards in search for my elusive coffee. in the end i settled for some columbian freeze dried coffee... but must add your own sugar and MILK.

i shuffled to the fridge. hey there's milk! great! and it's L's! she's nice, she'll lemme have some. :D:D:D

shuffled back to the pantry; sugar sugar... WAH GOT BROWN SUGAR HURHURHUR.

shuffled to the hot water dispenser, shuffled back to throw away the rubbish...


upon hearing my yelling, L (she's so helpful! *hugggg*) said, 'eh must throw outside!'

i sounded like a retarded kid: 'uh... outside... *whine*'

'yeah to your left.'

'ok... left, to my left, left... uhhh...'

i turned to my right. after 2 seconds my brain actually caught up with me (WOW!) and i shuffled back. by then L and R were laughing their head off coz they were watching me shuffling around with deadweight feet and squinty confused eyes.

sigh. but as i was stirring my coffee... this vacant smile just spread across my face... ahh... i can smell you...


i love u, coffee. *snuggle*



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