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Thursday, November 27, 2008

highlights of the week


my bangkok trip may well be ruined without refunds from tiger airways and my work is just suddenly flooding me and there's a wedding to runnnnnnn...

but first! relax! go shopping!

THE TOPSHOP SALE was such. great. therapy!! having some time to kill before going for Chiwern and Chinling's wedding rehearsal, i headed down to Vivocity with one goal - to find myself a big clutch bag. in gold.

and i am HOW BLESSED because i'm on leave today when i got notice that topshop was having a sale; 40% (!!!!!) and it's ONLY TODAY.


i strolled in and asked the salesgirl with a conspiratory tone, 'closet therapy. still on?' the salesgirl grinned and nodded.

thing is, if you mentioned 'closet therapy' to the cashier, you get 30% + 10% off! i tried to stick to looking for just the clutch at first... but it was a lost cause. soon after strolling out from the bag and accessories area, i started to eye the dresses. i don't buy tops from topshop at all (haha, the irony) because sometimes the tops are $99 and their dresses at $129... hmmm... i'd rather get a dress.

and and and! reiterating what i squealed to alvin over the phone - i've suddenly come to realize that i'm not stumpy anymore and i actually look nice in dresses!! and topshop's dresses are super flattering on me!! *pleased*

YAY WITH A BIG Y! (erm, and an 'a' and then another 'y'.)

i bought a simple dark green (not green like the example above) dress; $99 slashed to about $62!! which is really flattering on me without too many details... this brings my green dresses up to a total of 3 now. acks. all different shades though, christmas green (or the tkgs dress, if you will!), teal and turqoise. heeh.

and then!! i also found myself a huge ass gold clutch!! $45 after discount! XD

and then the best thing i found and just totally fell for was this:

looks kinda ugly and shapeless here though. never mind! :D it's really gorgeous! $80 from $129!


one pair of gold (hence the gold clutch) and one pair of black rounded-toe heels for my cutesy green dress.


oh alvin did some shopping too! i was hoping he could get a new shirt, and might as well get one to match my outfit for the wedding, so we went straight to g2000 after i bought my heels.

gosh shopping for him is really fun. at first i was quite unnerved by how uncomfortable i was... this is not my zone man; i can't choose TIES with SHIRTS! *head explodes*

coz then you must look at the colour, pattern of the tie and the shirt and match them up and what if there're some dos and don'ts that i am ignorant of... *sobs*

but a sales assistant came to help and he was fantastic!! as he brought out the ties, we eventually picked a purple tie for alvin's light blue shirt. sounds weird, but it's not! then we wanted to take a look at how the tie would look suited up, so alvin shrugged on a nice jacket to see the effect...

and i was totally checking him out. with a slightly parted mouth.

I COULDN'T HELP IT!! his hair was just trimmed by his hairdresser (who does it well because 'she knows my head's shape!') plus the lethal combination of jacket and shirt... *sigh*

lao nua, you know? really lao nua.

anyways, he gave me his 'Magnum' when he spotted my admiring gaze. i rolled my eyes.


after the rehearsal i came back to do some relaxing bath time and hey! first time putting on a mask just to try, yo! :)

15min after plastering it on my face and admiring how i can still breathe with it on (hehe, i am amazed by loads of stuff) this weird cat started to caterwaul. actually i think it was just trying to scare off another cat... but cat #2 was super nonchalant while cat #1's tail was so bushy that it looked like it was being electrocuted.

i know all this because being an avid cat lover, i am also an avid cat watcher. so i stood at my bedroom window, staring... hey i know that cat! it's that bloody fat cat that purred and then bit me with a vengeance. grrr. i stood at my window, hoping that cat #2 would scratch fat cat #1 (revenge is sweet. but i really love cats!! just not those that're psychotic) when neighbours started appearing.

i continued standing at my window, waiting to see if my neighbours would chase fat cat #1 away because it was making such a strange noise (it was so loud, there was a slight echo) when i spotted my neighbours bending over and they seemed to be trying to see who i was...


i must have looked like some idiot from the nightmare of elm st. damn.

BUT IS OK! with the powers of g2000, topshop, novo heels and rejuvenating masks combined...



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