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Sunday, January 25, 2009

and so the chinese new year begins

and it's gonna be another endless stream of photos. yikes!

first up: NEW STUFF!! (sorry, the shopaholic in me went berserk recently.) :p

and i still have online items from charlotte russe (they had 50% off!! how not to buy i ask you?) and urban outfitters (25% off sale prices!! their stuff are gorgeous!) en route to singapore.

heh. i bought these from

just look at that ombre shade. i look like a floaty... er... blue tulip when i wore it; couldn't stop swishing my hips. *pleased*


i love the booties. they're the right size (thank goodness!!), very soft in the front, extremely comfortable, sturdy, and CHEAP. i want another pair of sigerson morrisons.



my American Apparel skirt that xinwei so kindly bought for me while she was in USA.


mango skirt from the mango sale.


the $109 dress from far east (i will wear it! if i can still fit the waist line!)


the zara silk kaftan dress i bought for $60!


i also bought a bag from selfridge and a clutch from URS. ALL ON SALE. *excitable*

when trying on the zara dress, i posed for abit in front of the mirror and spotted my nails. 'hmm i should paint them red this year. it's time to get into tradition man.'

and soooo...

TADA!! (yes, i bought other colours as well.)




the nail job was not very successful though. stayed up till 2am painting coat after coat after coat... and it's still not very pretty. i showed them to ashley at service the next day and asked her opinion on my nails.

ashley (13 yrs old): hmm... *peers at them* did you do them yourself?
me: yup. why?? it's very bad ah?? :(((
ashley: welll... if do yourself then it's OKAY la. if you went to a manicure then this is very ugly.



reunion dinner!!!


with shabu shabu!! (not marbled enough! or at all! *sad*)



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