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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Monday, February 16, 2009

jason mraz redux!

oh it was such an exciting morning.

i woke up late, barely managed to squeeze up bus 9, and trundled to school with just a little bit of hyperactivity.

i reached the biopolis bus stop at 830am and that was when i knew i was being overstressed because i had a HUGE URGE to... run to the loo.

sanity #1: "ok, viv, RELAX."
nerves: "how to??!?! even if i reach school on time my computer takes 30 minutes to start up and run properly!"
sanity #1: "call the smart lab! ask whoever's around to start up your computer!"

i did just that. due to relief my tummyache went away. i got onto the NUH bus.

5 minutes later the lab calls back: "hey viv your password's not working."

sanity #1 and nerves: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
sanity #2 (yeah, this is my backup): go back to the old lab. the computers there are always running.

i reached school at 850am (omg heart attack) and alvin smses me, "hey dear! i'll be waiting for the good news!"

i sms while running, "i'm still walking! if i die of a heart attack you better take care of my family."

i manage to run to the lift and get my way up to md4a. YES THE COMPUTERS ARE ON... wait. hello? sleep mode? wakey? WAKEY PLEASE??!?!

in an attempt to turn on the computer, i turned it OFF instead. don't ask me how. *scowl*

i panicked big time. i started to turn on all 3 terminals and logged into 2 of them, then used the one that booted up faster.

come on, sistic. come on. PLEASE DON'T BE OPENED YET.

wow yay i still have time! i relax a little but i still need to go to the toilet SO BADLY. T_T

i take a closer look at the sistic website. eh wait... the seating plan looks different... WHAT! THERE'RE RUNWAYS NOW??!?!?! AND THERE'S A SECTION IN BETWEEN THE RUNWAYS... OH MY GOODNESS WE NEED TO SIT AT SECTION PA!!!!!!!!





... (this goes on for awhile)


ARGH ARGH IT'S UP!!! okok erm erm, Cat 1, block PA, erm erm OH 5 TICKETS! ALMOST FORGOT AND PUT ONE GEEZ!


*ding!* yes we are in section PA!! *does a little jig in my mind* okok. WHAT. I NEED TO SIGN IN?! WTH IS MY PASSWORD??!?!

i tentatively tried a password PRAYING THEY WOULD NOT BOOT ME OUT OF THE SYSTEM IF I FAILED. the password was wrong!! but they didn't boot me out thank goodness... i had to turn on msn, log into hotmail, retrieve my password from my folder and copy it in AND THEN CHANGE MY PASSWORD.

there were so many points when my heart almost failed. :(

okok everything's still looking good. proceed to payment. wait.



i called him immediately and i suspect i was really loud coz there was so much pent up energy and adrenaline in me. hahaha.

"ok calm down dear, you've got it. relax."
"i don't have it!! gimme your full name. uh-huh. nric? uh-huh. OK WAIT DON'T PUT DOWN THE PHONE YET UNTIL I CONFIRM EVERYTHING."

i click 'confirm'. the page bounces back to me, 'you need to pay with a mastercard to collect via the free mastercard collection method.'

my heart dropped like a stone. i had to go back to page one. carefully, i counted the number of pages to go back to and voila! i wasn't booted out and i could change my choices!! my heart almost failed again but from relief this time.

so i redid everything under 3 minutes... AND WE'RE THROUGH. WE'VE GOT THEM!! XD

23rd March, Indoor Stadium, Section PA


i went back into the system after i was done just to check and see if i bought 2 tickets i'd go any closer to the front. nope. PA was already sold out. *phew* and apparently the sistic system crashed at about 930am. sheesh!


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