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Thursday, February 05, 2009


haha, i know, stupid joke.


anyway i met the GEPs on tuesday at timbre for dinner.


when i hang out with these guys, i really wish i hadn't acted smart and flobbed my GEP test when i was in Primary 3. you can ask alvin to tell you the story.


food? not so fantastic. drinks? had beer which made me cringe, AND THEN DISCOVERED THE SAKURA which is like ribena and lychee liquer. how great is that?! :D


and i absolutely love the duo that were playing live, because the girl's voice is so good! both of them sang/played sara bareilles, jason mraz and colbie caillat, john mayer etc (mostly dedications).


at one point we were debating whether or not they'd know 'sway' by bic runga.


me: of course they would, it's like, a classic oldie already man. anyone who sits on stage and plays guitar and receives dedications HAVE TO KNOW THAT SONG.

alvin: yar but they look so young!

me: but they are on the stage! let's just try ok.

we gave them shawn colvin and bic runga, pick one. they picked bic runga.

like, duh! hahaha.


and then the song dedications seem to get older and older, up to the point where they sang 4 dumb blondes (which we sang along and waved our hands in the air).

at that point someone made a joke, mentioning that if everyone in the crowd of tables dedicated a song, what would the 50+ year old ladies sitting behind us dedicate?

"this." alvin said.

hahaha! RIGHT. like this duo know how to sing that hokkien song. *snort*

10 minutes later, the duo were like, oh it's the cny so we'd like to sing a song for everyone here today, more luck, more money ah?

THEN THEY SANG NA SI WA WU JI BA BAN, CAN??!??!?!?!??! they even ended with a huge 'HUAT AH!'.

i shrieked in laughter, alvin was rocking back and forth, but wai and alanna's faces were the best.


ahahahahahahahahahaha!! it was a great night. chilling after work is so therapeutic. :)



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