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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

steamboat with the crescent girls

it was such a long and short journey to kunshan's. long because i didn't know where exactly i was and had to get from ulu puluh tampines giant (where i bought a grand total of... $3+ worth of veggies!!! so cheap.) to castle green in ang mo kio~! :(

i refused to cab down because of the exorbitant 35% peak hour charge, so i had to rely on bus service routes printed on bus stops and my barely-there knowledge that the CTE leads to the SLE (or was it TPE? OH WELL. ANYHOW TRY LA.). somehow or another, after taking one bus that got me to jalan kayu (eh is that... yio chu kang road... AH GET OFF NOW GET OFF THE BUS NOWNOWNOW!!) and another bus that ran along yio chu kang road, i managed to get to castle green (hey, the view's pretty nice... wonder how long i'll take... hmmm... that condo looks like a castle! how quaint! *smiles to self vapidly* ... *MAKES THE CONNECTION AND SCRAMBLES OFF THE BUS*).

the journey was short because it only took me 30 minutes. HAHA. amazing eh?
i love castle green. the huge space in the centre is just gorgeous!


when i got there, the working people were there already! (but they all drove la. and i was downstairs taking pictures while my veggie wilted.)


the best abalone i've ever tasted.


no it's actually one giant piece that they had to chop up into 2 just so that it could fit into the can. geez!


all the kitchen workers:



then mel came with a tub of ice cream so these are the skivers (no, you see wrong; that's not me at the side):


(what would be funny)

kunshan: ok that's it. you guys are out from my kitchen.


kunshan: hey guys there's raw food here so maybe you should eat outside, otherwise you might get sick.


4 bunny wannabes:


6 hungry girls:


1 fool:


1 spoon pirate and henchman:


ingredients (you bet it's good stuff coz we have rich folk around us, woohoo!)

Steamboat with CGS 2009

'it's not easy to cook an egg without it bursting!':


'it's not easy to peel a prawn. period.'


my egggg (and other yummy stuffs *glee*)


after stuffing ourselves silly we sat around the living room and watched the australian open for a bit before breaking out my boardgame. boon chin was the ultimate winner, hahahahaha!


group shot! (oh... angee. *shakes head*)


one more group shot! i can't stick the card to my forehead so into my glasses it went!



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