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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sennheiser IE8

i was just lamenting on the way to school yesterday HOW I REALLY WANTED MY $400 EARPHONES RIGHT NOWWWWWW.

then after i came out from the morning meeting, there it was, just sitting pretty on my desk. :)))


YOU ARE HERE, IE8s!!!!!!!!! <3!!!!!

oh, yes, open you i WILL.


*leery laugh* your packaging is so pretteeee


it comes with a self adjustable screw to up/down your bass WHICH IS THE AWESOMEST THING FOR ME BECAUSE I AM SUCH A SUCKER FOR ISOLATION AND BASS.

previously the problem was that these two never come together as there's never the right balance for me... BUT NOW!!! i can adjust my balance between clear crisp notes and bass mufflers... anytime! :DDD

but i really find it hard to fit them into my hamster ears the way that guy is wearing. it's my specs, they get in the way. :(


check out how many freebies they give you... it's a mess by the time i took everything out.


my extremely trusty cowon D2 (it plays my tv series too, no less) and the 101 earbuds sennheiser provided. (everything but the grey ones, those alvin gave to me)


it was so hard to settle on just one. i kept changing the different foams, silicon adaptors over and over and over.


INSTRUCTIONS!!! (nothing i don't already know. chucked it back into the box together with all the M/L earbuds/adaptors)


THE ALMIGHTY BASS SCREW. comes with a little looped wire for you to clean your earphones too. (i love little things like that; it makes me feel like a loved consumer.)


the song i was testing the earbuds' fit and sound to:





MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i love the fact i can carry 2 extra pairs of earbuds in the carrying case. and check out the carrying slider case!!! *nuts*


and you close it with a satisfying *CLICK* because of the magnet riiiiight at the back of the case - everything will not fall out. *beams*


damn chio, no?

i know, $400 is a lot. but did you know... IT'S ACTUALLY SELLING FOR $699 IN SINGAPORE??!?!?!


i know, right??!?!


that's why i was so tempted to just run out of Jaben with the pair i was trying on. hehe. the sound is just so ... LUSH. and with my kind of balance. *swoon*

the week after trying them on, alvin suddenly spotted A FANTASTIC DEAL from the forums.

alvin: hey dear, they're selling the IE8 in UK for 180 pounds you know? and there's an additional 20% off and FREE SHIPPING.

me: (because i spree a lot, i did the UK exchange conversion rapidly. mental sums, FTW!) WHAT!! that's like $400!!! BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY

alvin: should i get one too?


i was actually still telling him to get just one for me, but he must've taken that as a yes and so now my boyfriend has a grand total of... i think 4 pairs of earphones. or 5? and of which, one is a custom which is $500.

yar, don't judge me. (judge him, judge him! hehe.)


as i sat in the bus on the way to the Leaders Meeting (which was of the best stuff, coz God was there. AND IT WAS AMAZING!!! :D) i started to dismantle my brand new IE8 box.

the guy sitting next to me was like, wassup with this woman, juggling so many tiny things on her lap??!?! hahaha.

once the music started though, this huge grin just split my face. it's just especially great when you make the transition from basic earphones to something that the engineers have really put effort in.

audio pleasure. *shudders*


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