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Monday, July 05, 2010

balcony updates

mid last week, after dinner at the garden slug, alvin and i decided to walk over to the new place and see if anything new was up. at that point i was still pretty sulky about the fact that the designers had botched up quite a number of items and quite a bit of it had to be redone. but thank God for alvin who constantly keeps me sane and prevents me from biting peoples' heads off.

*bares teeth*

anyway, it was a pretty perilous journey within the condo area as i kicked a few snails (big and small, all on accident) on the way to our block. so i was kinda looking with bulging eyes at the floor all the way until we turned the corner - AHH THE SWIMMING POOL. that's when i looked up at our block and spotted this absolutely gorgeous balcony my neighbor had. there were plants in the planter, with yucca trees and they must have a lit up water feature because you could see the light being reflected unto the balcony ceiling.

i got incredibly excited and smacked alvin's arm really hard, "wow dear! THAT'S EXACTLY HOW I WANT OUR BALCONY TO LOOK LIKE"

but i only got to, "wow dear! THAT'S..." when it hit me (and him at the same time coz we were stunned by the revelation.)


you must know, we identify our balcony by looking for a tiny lamp post and a picket fence, not lush greenery. this was the old:

and then of course, i was so excited to go upstairs and take a look that i didn't realize i was trying to use my Muji card to access the apartment.

so clever. well, at least alvin had a good laugh. -_-


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