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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pre-wedding Photoshoot with BryanJean, Part 1 (Friday: 18 Feb)

i got up bright and early at 6am.

and promptly fell asleep again coz my eyes refused to listen to me. it was a restless 1hr before my body responded and dragged me out of bed. i was excited and also nervous as heck. what if Bryan and Jean don't work well with us? what if the cakes are all spoilt? WHAT IF OUR CLOTHES SUCK!

i was all queasy as i left simei for Homie and waited for the pump repair guys to come. omg it was so warm that when i arrived at Homie my heart dropped. my hair was so frizzy, i looked like Monica of friends when they took that trip to Barbados. :(

no time to think about that, i need to clean the floor and the balcony and water the flowers! halfway through my chores the pump guys came. and then they stared at the canvas and i could tell, it boggled their mind for a bit. one of them was talking to me about how their job at a home in sentosa cove yesterday had a 40k painting... but ours was nicer. so he asked me how much and i said it was from ikea, $330.

he was stunned. then he took a picture of it.

me = extremely happy girl

ok for sure Homie is really done up nicely but her owners were in a mess. AND ALVIN IS NOT HERE YET WHERE IS HE??!?!

after the pump guys left, i sprung into action. air-con was up, everything Homie related was clean/neat/set up. then i changed... and stared at my hair. omg i am STICKY ughhhh. i was really panicking, it was already 9:40am and the shoot was scheduled for 10am. i knew i didn't have the awesome hands of a hairstylist... so i prayed. and guess what - somehow whatever i did gave me neat tresses. as in nice tousled hair and u could see loose waves. here, here.

this was taken at the end of the day. and they were still intact! hallelujah. the one time i needed my hair to come through and it did. and i haven't seen them since, haha.

then i stared at my makeup bags. people who know me will know i tend to get a little too enthusiastic and hence heavy handed with the brush sometimes. so i breathed and told myself - get a flawless face first. everything else is not important. and then i begun.

slowly, i primed, concealed, and rubbed my face in. good, there's a glow coming along nicely. now the eyes. i covered the lids with a shimmery nude and then tried to line them thinly BUT MY DAMN HANDS SHOOK so i had a slightly thicker line. chill, i gotta chill.

then i put on one layer of mascara. and a bit of glow under the eyes, and a bit of coral blusher.

i stood back from the mirror and checked my progress. yes. tousled hair with tresses and a clear face. ok. GOOD. some loose powder, then a bit of lipgloss. IT'S WORKING!!!

that was the marvelous start to my day.

then the doorbell rang and they were here!! alvin arrived shortly after and changed in the blessed air-conditioned home and then we were ready.

we had so much fun. bryan's really great at planning his shots, especially using natural lighting. without edits, his composition of the shot which we saw through his image viewer was already quite breathtaking. we started off on the couch, then moved on to the corridor - which was probably the favorite spot of all 4 of us there that day. those shots there were absolutely amazing with his wide angle lens and i really can't wait to see those processed.

we then headed into our bedroom and had some pictures taken there. cue pillowfight. i must say - we were not posing. stupid alvin kept throwing the pillow into my made up face and i was pissed so i kept pummeling him. i won, of course (you might see that later).

by then we were all having fun and were pretty relaxed with each other... we took the weirdest shots in the kitchen HAHAHA.

i won't spoil the surprise yet, but aileen will love it. and we had so much xxx thanks to all the leftovers from the rock band/dance central, christmas and NYE parties. man,
a whole entire keg. unbelievable. but ok, it showcases our gorgeous ceramic tiles, so yay!

also from that point on, everytime Bryan sat down and thought about how to compose the shot and burst out laughing mid-thought... we'd get a little worried.

from here we moved on to the bar counter - wow this was a little difficult to set up. i was also wilting a little already coz my dress was so tight. and then we ate our 'breakfast' (i was famished).

we also gave alvin a little heart-shaped creamed nose. how adorable. :D

love that diao face, you're totally working it dear! HAHAHAHA

and then we moved on to our favorite spot, the balcony. :D

and with that, it was already 2plus in the afternoon OMG SO TIRED I TELL YOU. bryan was working hard to help my eyes look larger coz they were beginning to get really tired.

then he laughed again, and this transpired.

ass grab!!!

and i think this was one of the last few shots we had for the day, or so i thought coz we changed out after this and went back to our comfy clothes.

BUT THEY REMEMBERED. and we had some shots of us on Rock Band yay!! i didn't get to see the previews so i'm totally clueless as to how they look like. but throughout the day, Bryan kept shaking his head and saying wow you guys are going to have a hard time choosing man. and then alvin reminded us we still had one more outdoor shoot in march.


also throughout the whole day, Jean had been taking photos!! i was so happy to get home and see all those hipstamatic prints up on their wall!! yay!!

another funny thing that happened was when bryan said, 'ok you just keep playing RB and i'll take the shots, then we should be done. then er, after that...' he trailed off.

alvin and i laughed. 'yar we can all start playing rock band right? love how you left that so open ended HAHAHA.'

and we did! from about 245pm to 6pm we just dropped everything and rocked out. we're close in age and have the same music influences so it was great coz we just played songs from the 90s like blink 182, green day (they went for the concert too!!), switchfoot and jimmy eat world. and the cranberries. haha.

they recently bought RB3 and alvin shared with bryan & jean how he exported the songs (we have 500+ songs @_@), how we managed to get RB2, and the import of our pro-drums & pro-guitar. they were also pretty excited at all the songs available for download coz when it was bryan's turn to choose a song to sing he just kept scrolling through the list and grinning while shooting 'let's get this' looks at jean. we suspect they left at 6pm to get more xbox points. HAHAHA.

can't wait for shoot 2. we're in great hands!!!!!!!!!!!


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