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Thursday, January 12, 2012

memories (and getting fatter as we go along)

angel and i are having SUCH. A. GOOD. TIME going through our old photos.

good grief, i've known my 3 besties for 12 years now. it's mind-boggling. massive photoshare now!!!


check it out, this is us in JC.

xinwei, mel & i with our matching colored rulers (gift from xinwei), Pioneer JC, year 2000. not sure where angel was with her purple colored one.

here's where i met angel & xinwei - the first student's council of PJC where we played all day and partied all night.

3 of us made it to Uni, 1 didn't -
me. it was terrible to get left behind, but i thank God, for if it didn't happen i wouldn't have met alvin.


2002 - right before everyone started uni:


2003: we grew up... and celebrated our 20th birthdays (xw's always the last).

this was our first & last pajama party. coz xw couldn't stand her makeup-less face. that zha bor.

we reveled in our new found freedom and clubbed...

(the wu-bar? da wu bar? dunno la. xw and i were just laughing about that club while we were at Butter last week.)



... and clubbed...

coco latte - xinwei's 21st birthday.

First road trip!!!

... and clubbed all the way to KL.


2005: xinwei's 22nd, at sentosa. crap, i need to find that stupid photo of xinwei again!!!


it's just one of those photos you NEVER forget.


2006: 23 years old.

gallery hotel, so we could club at coco latte. this was also the year i met alvin - i can tell because i'm wearing my favorite Franz Ferdinand shirt that he bought me!! woohoo!!

angel's birthday at the Marmalade Pantry (back when it was at Palais)

xinwei's 23rd - at copthorne waterfront. where did we go after all those drinks? TO ZOUK OF COURSE.

i also had the most haircuts in 2006 after suffering a devastating breakup AND THEN finding love again. upheavaaaaaaaaal...


2007: 24. this might've been the year xinwei & angel learned how to straighten their hair. mel was flying at this time with SIA, so we saw very little of her. shot below taken after my pomelo haircut, at the corner at PS before Tea Cosy took over. also, GRADUATION FOR MEEEE


2008 was the advent of Facebook SO there're photos a-plenty!

council gathering at david's - we are utterly shocked at this point we've been friends for so long. 'good grief, i'm still hanging out with YOU?!'

we took a wristwatch shot here, didn't we? but well, Ben & Jerry's at Dempsey.

we even went to the zoo, where xinwei was horrified by a mousedeer. she screamed and ran away. -_-

at our first wedding together. :)



2nd wedding!

road trip to malacca! see the bibik faces? wait, it's only me COZ THE REST PANG SEH.




how on EARTH did we not do anything in 2010?? is it because i was too busy planning for the wedding? can't be what - everything was left to the last minute! oh well...



YOU GUYS ARE MY BRIDESMAIDS. i look at you also feel like crying lor. sorry for making you girls sob while i was at the altar. :D

mel got hitched shortly after. we have no photos together though. i am sad.

this is the most radiant i've ever seen mel. :O


2012: NYE & NYD! it's hilarious how we're standing in front of my canvas of Manhattan. ON NYE.

yeah, we'll be here for a very long time. it's scary how much we've been through - even at one point we all almost went our separate ways but we stuck together. all the smoking, drinking, break ups, pregnancy scares, breakups, miscommunication and mistrust... it's probably not over but there is so much respect here, and we know how to beat the shit out of each of us especially when one is behaving stupidly. you girls are my therapy group, really.

also, we grand old ladies will making more memories in the third road trip this weekend! YEAH BABY - BIKINIS ON!


edit: wait i found the wristwatch photo!

tsk, tsk, xinwei...


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