(A melodic or harmonic configuration that creates a sense of repose or resolution.)

"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Friday, March 31, 2006

boys speak in rhythm...

my aunt from canada just left. she brought along her precocious 12 year old son, neil, for this trip, and MY GOODNESS he's just one huge barrel of laughs.

incident #1:

my mom is chinese educated, so her english isn't too strong. when she was trying to explain something to neil, he suddenly protested:

'i don't understand italian! i don't understand italian!!'


incident #2:

we all sat down for dinner, and my dad started to tuck in. neil gave a horrified look and went, 'have you started eating? why have you started eating?? WE HAVEN'T SAID GRACE YET!!'

i started to snigger as my dad nearly choked on his rice. there was a pregnant pause. and a little bitty uncomfortable silence coz i was laughing so hard i couldn't explain exactly half of us aren't Christians.

then my dad gave an uncomfortable laugh. it went like this: ha ha ha.

neil widened his eyes and wailed, 'do you think this is funny?? how come you don't thank God before your meals??'

finally my aunty found her tongue. 'alright, why don't you say grace for us then.'

neil: 'but i don't want to! i said it at breakfast... *whine* mom, why don't you do it?'

so grace was said. and i was pretty much the only person who enjoyed it. so much so, i grinned all the way through the prayer.

hahahahahahahaha!! it's... damn... funny...

adrean was laughing his head off too.

i seem to attract kids today. dunno why. was on the train this morning doing my QT when this little toddler boy (~2-3 years old) sat on my right on his maid's lap and just stared at me quietly. then i pretended not to notice... until i turned and stared at him straight while giving him a playful smile. oh, how i loved it when he started to be shy and hid his face mid-laugh. then i got back to QT but he kept trying to reach for my Bible. his maid stopped him though. heeh.

then on my way home, this toddler girl (~2-3 years old too!) sat on my left. first she stared at me for the longest time. i glanced at her and smiled. then she smiled. then she spotted my earphone wires hanging out of my bag, so she leaned on her mom and twiddled with them. then she started yanking, so i pretended to fight her. er, kids being kids, she started to laugh and PULLED. ok i'm pretty broke and can't bear to get new earphones so i had to stop her. no more wires, so she started to stare at me again. then i grinned. and she grinned too. and gave a little gurgle! then she reached out to grab my heart-shaped earrings.

argh so cute.

and the kids at kids cell were super cooperative today. i'm so glad my new method is working. must engage them man! oh, and neil had wanted to go over to melville with me but his mom didn't allow it. so when i reached home at 1015pm he wailed 'see? i told you mom! i told you she'd be back by the time you wanna leave! *pouty*'

it's a Loon trait.

ooh, talking about that - the Loons are one good looking bunch. no, seriously. neil is one cutie pie. and so are most of my cousins, i realized. and on my mom's side too, plenty of good-lookers.

i have great genes.

ooh check out what neil drew: