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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Sunday, December 09, 2007

a terrific and terrible weekend, all at once.

i was actually stuck in the office till 930pm on friday, can u believe it?

me. the person who's got so little work to do that my friends complain.

anyway, my day was dragged on by another one of those neverending meetings at CelS, where i am called in to give some input before renovation works start in the brand new lab... but i'm only there to give suggestions for barely 15 minutes in all of the 2 hours.


once i stepped out of CelS, i called the children's parents to cancel kids' cell. it's not happening tonight kids; jiejie's day has not ended. :(

so i went back to the office, dragged out alvin's logbook and began to crunch my gears from admin to research mode.

and it was FUN. knowing that i'm working overtime gave me some sort of an adrenaline rush.

maybe under-working for so long has rewired me a little... i actually get some sort of a geeky satisfaction from working hard and fast; i sense i might become a workaholic in future.

so, the adrenaline came and hit me. one moment i was making a business call to alvin to ask him about his drug concentrations (woah), the next moment i was scribbling furiously down all my calculations, and then followed by ransacking the lab to make my concentrations.

of course, i left out the nitty-gritty... it's really not as 'duh' as it sounds.

when i was done, i left school munching on my left over subway cookie with a spring in my step.

work is good.


the next day: i planned my experiment to start from 7am and it had to end by 9am.

i reached school at 745am instead. eep!

but i think i still had some weird energy left over from the night before; i picked up where i left off and my mind was so clear... i managed to pull everything off by 9:04am.

that was damn shiok. *shudder*

i crashed immediately after i knew my experiments were done. i took 30 minutes just to drag myself out of the lab. i had intended to stay in school until it was time to go for dance class, but by my calculations, i could get home and sleep for a full 3 hours and still make it for dance.

i decided to cab home (thank God for sufficient money, it costs $20 from nus to my place T_T) and made the most of it by grabbing some of the barang that i'd left in school for waaaaaaaay too long.

so i walked out of school looking like some hostel kid who's packing up for the hols and going back to malaysia or something. this girl walked past me, staring curiously at my one bag of clothes, one bag of computer parts, shoe bag, bursting crumpler (filled with more clothes), laptop, and... get this, an obiang bread packet. yes, i had one of those gardenia bread packets with just 2 slices of bread inside.

i don't know why i didn't put it in my bag. and i don't know why i left so many clothes in school. gah.

so the rest of the day was nice and good; cabbed home with a friendly and polite driver, slept like a log, had lunch, went for dance (wah lao, damn good session lar.)...

then i went down to yio chu kang to shan's for zhexuan's birthday celebration. shan decided to cook! it was fantastic man... i really need to learn how to cook! ... er, eventually.

we had carbonara (shan-made), white wine, tiramisu (shan-made), and chocolate cake from four leaves.


hahahahaha, this is definitely part of my terrific weekend.

my pictures are in facebook, and i also have some vids zhexuan took of me us at ktv.

i really have a ghastly manly voice... and if i don't emote while i sing, it's just not right.

you have been warned.

sorry about the voice though... it was the early part of the night, so haven't "
开嗓" yet. haha. :P


and this is why my weekend was so terrible too...


right now, today. =(


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