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Sunday, November 30, 2008

the wedding we've been preparing for

wow, since i woke up at 5am, it felt like the whole day would never end.

wedding planning is incredibly crazy... and i totally didn't expect this. but thank God for chiwern and chinling who made my job tons easier, and alvin who was my pillar of support, sometimes literally for me to lean on when my feet were aching beyond compare.

it was really good experience though, seeing how everything was up in the air the day before the wedding and then how everything just settled in place during the wedding. and also how the bride was absolutely not bridezilla-ing and just a picture of bliss... and the bridegroom looked so happy in the pictures when jun and i were reviewing them! XD

kinda sad though, that there were so many people i wanted to talk to during the wedding because chin's friends were pretty much overlapped with mine; and so many people kept calling out to say hi to me... but that was all i could say before awkwardly going, 'so sorry i gotta go find xxx!'

man, i hope this wouldn't be the case during my own wedding.

but i'm not saying planning sucks though, coz this was really invaluable experience of working with alvin. after working with him in nus for so long (wow, coming to 3 years?) i finally figured a way our differences can function together. and it worked!! i thought we did really well together!!

heeh. thinking about it makes me happy. just like thinking of him in a suit. *wiggles eyebrows*

alrighty, i will catalogue the wedding after facebook gets flooded with pictures because i only have a few banquet pictures where my camera decided to freak out on me so everything looked blurry. :(


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