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Friday, September 24, 2010

hello, hello

oh good grief, i haven't posted in almost 3 months.


recently life is like this:
Monday to Friday - work my ass off and occasionally slip in a few meetups with friends and wedding/house matters
Saturday to Sunday - this is when i read my 1000+ feeds and try to catch up with the world

but today is different!!! i have a day off and i am now reading
every single feed (except for Neatorama and CNN, they have too many darn updates. -_- *mark all as read*)

so... do you know Neil Gaiman is going to try stealing the Tardis?

I DO! because i managed to READ MY FEEDS instead of MARKING THEM AS READ!

*pats self on back* life is good (today).


anyways, i'm on leave because we just took our pre-wedding pictures this morning. this is not our official pre-wedding photographer, just someone we found who was going for cheap in order to build up his portfolio in Singapore.

and! he hails from LA, the land of awesome wedding photography. :DDD

his name's Melvin and he's pretty quick, we've already got 2 shots up on facebook! here, here:

not sure how the rest will turn out but i really want to thank God for many many things.

1. amazing lighting.
at mimolette we had a nice soft morning glow, and then it got cloudy near the horses' holding pen (while we were out in the sun) so there was one type of light, and then 20 minutes later, the sun burst through so all the colours popped! almost blinded alvin and i though... both of us were lying there and melting together into a puddle.

2. there was no rain.
it was threatening to rain all morning but i really kept trusting that it would hold up. i also remembered someone went to taiwan and prayed it wouldn't rain so in the end the sun was scorching. hahaha. i learnt to tailor my prayers then - 'please hold the rain and let there be sun! but bring in a few thunderclouds so it will be shady and still pretty. also, that the weather will be nice and cool. amen.'

totally worked. amazing!

3. we had great company
melvin and his fiancee cindy are really nice and accommodating. they let us relax and take our time with things while we fussed about with our clothes and er, hats. they're also not pushy, and we were totally relaxed while him and cindy scooted about taking shots from various angles. very tough on them.

also, wai liong came in time to see our final shot.

digress: this is SUCH a great fall scene. alvin and i have loved this tree since the last time we came here to scout. melvin was looking for a TREE and so we pointed to this one. immediately he yelped 'YES THAT ONE.'

and then we went for a really good lunch at Rider's Cafe (did you know they wanted to charge me $100 per hour if i was going to take pictures in there?!)

4. our props were all used, and then some!
yes, we managed to get a pictures with all of our props (yay! last minute vintage suitcase was used. a lot.) and and and... we have a picture with a horse.

i will probably have a scared look on my face because the horse kept whipping me (by accident) with his tail. *pain* and i was afraid he'd step on me.

... ...

THESE ARE SERIOUS FEARS! stop laughing at me. :(

anyway the horses were everywhere and my goodness they're all so sleek. the hills where we were on originally had 3 horses in the holding pen but by the time wai liong came along they were in hiding in their stables. they were so gorgeous in the morning, when they were all out for walks with the owners.


alvin's cousin also had her photos taken by Melvin yesterday...


i'm so darn glad i recommended the place to them because it's gorgeous! it really really helps to find good spots for wedding pictures. ^^

here, here:

doesn't it look like freaking paris?! and i'm actually glad alvin and i decided on bukit timah saddle club in the end, although ann siang was our back up. it's nice to have two different looks in the family wedding photos...

also, i think my loud clothes won't fit in ann siang where there's a lot of color. to the fields it was!

and man, it was good. can't wait to receive the edited photos now. gimme gimme! :D


  • At Monday, September 27, 2010 8:45:00 AM, Blogger Jade said…

    I'M LIKE SO SUPER EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!! LOVE THE BOW TIE that alvin is wearing! the pics look so good! i can't wait to see the rest! XD

  • At Monday, September 27, 2010 8:46:00 AM, Blogger Jade said…

    i forgot to say that YOU BOTH LOOK TOTS GORGEOUS!!! XD so photogenic!!! *jealous* hahahaha!!! very pretty! :D its so summery/springtime...i love iiiiiit! :D

  • At Monday, September 27, 2010 10:50:00 AM, Blogger feline said…

    oh man i wouldn't have realized it if you didn't mention... you're right! the first outfit totally looks like a spring/summer thing and the other one's autumn.


    oh you know for alvin's accessories it was bought just a few days before the shoot, and on a total whim. he just suddenly turned to me and said - let's get me some suspenders.

    in the end we found the fairisle bow tie (totally the right colour and size - it's huge and floppy heehee), suspenders and omg, the cap. it's so hard to find nice caps for alvin but we did! it's so amazing!!! :DDD

    btw i love my floppy hat too. i was actually searching for the perfect floppy hat but had no luck... until that same day we bought alvin's accessories. i was positively squealing like a pig when i put it on. hahahaha!


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