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Thursday, February 24, 2011

sneak peek

our lovely photographers put up 2 more pictures!

and how i found out was through Melvin who smsed me while i was at work... (this is our bukit timah saddle club photog; he also refers to us as 'the bukit timah saddle club clients'; he says we're famous hahaha!)

M: i'm sooooo proud and happyyy that you guys print and framed my picturesss :))) hiks... *Happy tearrrss

V: How did you see them?!?! Hahaha

M: Bryan's images :)

V: Where?!?!

M: Fb he upload 2 of 'em...

but i was already there.

hey! these were also my top 2 picks of the day! (can't really say on the behalf of alvin whether these were his favs.)


This first one was taken at the corridor. It was about 11am when Bryan saw the light streaming through the little niche and inspiration struck. he posed us a few times and while shooting he kept gushing, 'if i stayed here i'll be at that spot THE WHOLE DAY.' this was actually the last pose, and he grabbed his wide angle lens, pulled his pants in (it was sticking out into the picture frame; his harried action made us laugh) and pressed himself into the niche. thank goodness he's skinny and didn't blot out the sunlight.

here's the end result.

i really flipping LOVE THIS. if we had to pick our free canvas print from part 1, this would be my choice. but it's a little stupid to print a distinct picture of Homie to hang
in Homie, so our wedding canvas will probably come from part 2.

also, on the wall are photos of alvin and i, PLUS CONCERTS WE'VE BEEN TO! which is why there's stephen christian from anberlin, and somewhere there's a picture of gwen stefani. in fb, Bryan Jean posted this shot and named it 'underneath it all'.

they are so our generation man. *LIKE*


now this... this i know aileen will love.

this was the first shot where Bryan thought about how to pose us... and laughed to himself, which we found out to a warning sign of crazy shots about to get DONE. i don't know what inspired him to open our fridge which is essentially a party fridge - bits of cheese, table water, cheetos, nachos, dips, and beer contributed by xinwei, david, pei ching, munmun... and i don't know where the stella artois came from. while bryan rummaged he pulled open the veggie chiller AND LOLed. he found a keg which alvin and i were shocked like, wth we have a KEG of beer? what the heck?!?!

so he got us in our positions while constantly laughing to himself and posing the beer in alvin's arms/floor/my hands. and snap - it was done.

i found out later that Bryan and Jean have a fridge full of ALCOHOL!!

NO WONDER HE CHECKED OUR FRIDGE!!! haha! we're really not alcoholics though. guys, please come and take your party liquor baaaaaaaack.

well, other than this, check out the kitchen it's damn clean! also, it showcases perfectly my favorite feature of the kitchen which is the ceramic tiles THAT LOOK LIKE PLANKS.

the kitchen is so cute. T_T


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