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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nerd Gush

ok i need to gush so badly that i'm going to ignore how foreign blogging feels, and for that matter, WHY IS BLOGGER LOOKING SO WEIRD

*pushes everything aside*

i'm here because i'm reading Film Critic Hulk's review of The Avengers and man, that Hulk has completely voiced out about what I love about the film, what I didn't, why it STILL works, and detailed Joss Whedon's works PLUS compared it with The Dark Knight (which is my favorite comic adaptation yet, esp since it's my favorite movie OF ALL TIME. but i am so wrong - what works for TDK, the darkness, the emotion, can't be used here in The Avengers! I take whatever comparison between TDK & TA back.)

i had it all in my head, and the SAME SENTIMENTS bounced around my head for a week after watching The Avengers, but MAN! i could never have written all that down coherently...

WHICH MAKES THIS REVIEW AWESOME, knowing that someone else feels almost the same! i say 'almost' because Alvin is on the same level as FCH about why The Avengers works as a film.


here's the review.

p.s. also, after spending time watching good tv and movies - HIMYM's final episode for this season has got me spitting with anger. IT'S BEEN 7 SEASONS AND WE KEEP GOING BACK TO THE SAME FEW CHARACTERS. WHAT A COP OUT. and they're totally 'dicking us around'. sometimes i really hate network tv - they cancel shows like Firefly, threaten to cancel shows like Fringe (which seriously maims their story arcs, hastening the wrap up of the season and then, SURPRISE YOU'RE RENEWED. fuuu. also, the shuffling of Community's producers, stepping down Dan Harmon. i have nothing to look forward to but Modern Family now.



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