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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

laughter is always the best medicine

yesterday was pretty bad with the cramps, and the fact that it was pouring just as i was leaving for dinner did not help.

and then i got a little nervous also because dinner was with 1. an ex, 2. his date, 3. a friend i haven't met for really long.

i.e. weiyi, yuhui and jon ong.

met weiyi first since we were travelling down the same direction, and caught up with him before the rest came. he's the same... sniffly, looks like he just rushed out of the house, wearing the same stuff i saw him in eons ago. ..

he needs a new wardrobe! (yuhui, pls help him. but not like, same design different colour, yar? hurhur!)

so we managed to get a four-seater without any problems (probably coz of the rain, yippee). weiyi couldn't pronounce cedele and told yuhui to come to 'sidala'. -_-

thank goodness she managed to find the right spot.

jon was the last. we'd all decided what to get already and weiyi's eyes kept wandering to the freeflow bread that was displayed for people who ordered soups... we were all ravenous and complaining 'where's that jon ahhhh' when he finally came stumbling in.

he looked bad man. we must have all given him quizzical looks coz then he muttered, without us asking, 'i'm damn tired. i can't think.'

which was all very funny when he tried to make sense of what to order and what he was ordering because a lot of items were out of stock from the kitchen... which made jon THINK more as he changed his order about... 3 times?

he went berserk at one point when the waiter said 'oh sorry, we have no more Perrier water so XXX is not available.'

jon screamed/went 'AHHHHHHHH'.

the waiter looked apologetic/amused/a little scared of this slightly unbalanced diner.

so eventually i ended off the order for jon (we were all afraid he'll lose it and start banging his head on the tabletop) and got him chamomile tea to try and soothe his frayed nerves.

then weiyi and i turned to yuhui (she was highly amused, thank God) and mentioned that jon's not like that... NEVER like that.

jon just stoned. with his mouth slightly open.

ANYWAYS. the rest of the evening was fiiiiiiine. jon cracked so many retarded jokes that i couldn't stop laughing and my cramps lightened somewhat. we talked about david and jade, about kel holding andrew's hand arm by PURE accident (wah, that one i laugh until got different kind of cramp), about how jon is on this 'no pressure at all!' mentality to get married.

and then they asked me when i was going to get married. so i said, 'er, still very long la... maybe when i'm 26. yar, around then.'

'eh that's quite soon leh.'

'no la! where got... oh wait YAR IT'S QUITE SOON MAN.'

i laughed nervously for a bit, then i told them about chinling's crazy idea to get me married off in a star wars theme. hohoho. me as princess leia with hot cross buns on my head. yummy.

jon kept telling himself, 'wah, no pressure man, no pressure.'

and apparently he thinks he's 19 (??!?!?!?!)...

so dinner went by with us laughing at many things, and at each other. it was really great company!

OH. after dinner we walked around for a bit before heading towards hokkaido ice-cream... where jon, who tamed down during dinner, went bonkers again.

during dinner, cedele started playing 'all i want for christmas is you'. jon got all crazy about the song and he kept singing it throughout the night... until we hit hokkaido ice-cream.

jon: i'd like the durian ice-cream please.

counter girl: cone or cup?

jon: cone please.

jon swings his body around while waiting, kinda in his own world, then suddenly belted out 'ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS... IS YOU~~'

the girl behind the counter looks up, startled and shocked like a deer in headlights, and the dollop of ice cream on her scoop dropped with a 'piak'.

i couldn't control myself. i giggled so hard my whole body was spasming. jon, too... but i suspect he really buay paiseh one lor. more likely he was laughing at the pathetic ice-cream dollop than at his crazy sudden christmas carolling.


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weiyi and yuhui!

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oh, jon~~

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the suckers.

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the blowers.


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