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Sunday, October 03, 2010

personal taste

the title above has nothing to do with the k-drama i'm totally addicted to right now.

it actually refers to me and alvin's taste in music.

as we were heading towards his place after teens' cell, we talked about our wedding theme --> the music we want to use for the powerpoint slide show --> R+J --> Shakespeare in Love --> Lene Marlin's Shakespeare in Love.

i've never really admitted this to anyone, but i really hate that song.


gah! what does the song even mean??!?! i hate it. RAAAAAARR!!!

so we started to dig up old songs from our secondary school/jc era on the spot and we did a love/loathe test. the results were hilarious. we were laughing so damn hard on the bus ride home but we didn't care coz it was so fun.

we love - swirl 360's candy in the sun, david usher's black black heart, mono's life in mono... and a few guilty pleasures songs which i will NEVER admit to liking. *eyeballs you* never.

i really loathe - lene marlin's shakespeare in love (alvin is pretty blase about that song) and

UGH! k-ci & jojo's stupid song which i don't know the title too. GAH.

'babybabybabybabybabybaby...' *STOMP ON THEIR FACE*

but alvin really likes it coz he says he truly is a huge sap under erm, his many layers. i looked at him in dismay and said dejectedly, 'i don't think... i can marry you...'

alvin laughed his head off: 'WHAT?? it's a nice song!'

please don't get the wrong idea, we love each other and cannot wait to start our life together. but it is so funny to use it when we laugh about our differences. how can he love all my favorite songs but also love the ones i absolutely abhor?!

it perplexes me.


we also had an awesome moment in the car last night. i love it when alvin drives me home on saturdays because power 98 plays the best alternative/rock songs from 10pm onwards.

they played franz ferdinand's take me out last night. you know how it's different when you hear your favorite song on the radio right? it makes me even more elated since the song is really old - and it's THE guitar hero song, oh man.

both of us shouted WOAH!!!, went nuts and sang at the top of our lungs while alvin hit the expressway and i tapped all the beats on my thighs with gusto. and then we switched over to 98.7 and they had NEWWW YORRRRRRRK! CONCRETE JUNGLE WHERE DREAMS ARE MAAAAAAADE OFFF!


can't wait for ktv night.


when we got home we started rummaging through his impossible list of songs for more of those from what we call 'the golden age of alt/rock'. man, he had everything i was looking for. but he also had weird surprises like moonlight shadow.

youtube it if you don't know what song it is.

at first i was like, 'eh i don't know this one.' then alvin's eyes bulged and said no way, you will surely know it. and damn, i did. wow, this boy has such a huge underlying ah beng streak it's quite alarming sometimes (because it's so contradictory to his indie/alt/punk/sap/emo songs).

and every single time it hit the techno portion he started doing his 'diu diu diu' moves and he was really into it, which was scary.

and then... i realized he had more than one copy of that song.

me: again?! why is there another copy??
alvin: /ignores me and does his moves


me: wts one more. why do you have so many copies, omg, hahahaha... can't... breathe...
alvin: what?! i need the right remix!
me: FOR WHAT??!
alvin: oh oh, here it comes. *pause*



by the end of it we came across that blasted song about 10 times. it's crazy.

he's crazy.


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